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Lubna Overseas Verified

  • Vacancies: 440
  • Last Date: 5/24/2023
  • Salary: Not Disclosed
Overseas Job

Job Details

Job Type Seniority Gender Age Test Center
Full Time N/A Male N/A N/A

Job Description

A Production Worker is responsible for meeting quality standards and deadlines for products. They check for defects, assemble products, monitor manufacturing equipment, and closely follow safety procedures to prevent accidents in environments where materials may be hazardous.

Required Education

Employer did not specify.

Additional Information

OEP Licence: 3478/KAR , Lubna Overseas

OEP Contact: Azher Mehfooz , Office# 01, 1st Floor, Safety Homes, Plot# 18/14 CL7, Civil Lines, Dr. Daud Pota Road, Karachi Cantt. , Karachi South

Phone No: 02135630375

Mobile No: 0300-8259655

Fax No: 02135630376


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