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Rural Incubation Center

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  • Vacancies: 1000
  • Last Date: 12/31/2024
  • Salary: 9,000 - 9,999
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Job Description

Introducing of RIC Recent transformation has positively disrupted the development institutes of Pakistan. Especially agriculture, education etc. This transformation is so rapid that if timely arrangements are not made to ensure its implementation and grassroots, it could be very difficult to catch up with the upcoming innovations in the years to come. Unluckily the existing infrastructure of government which enables the delivery of goods and services of grassroots levels has never been designed to fill the gaps of digital divide in Pakistan. This legacy of bad governance along with the recent transformation has necessitated some immediate actions to be taken to bridge these divides, otherwise it is feared that Pakistan would lack behind all those advantages which developing countries have started seeding by engaging their un-served population in development activities. In view of the above, there is an immediate need of “digital hubs” in village, specially starting from peripheries near bigger cities. This is a global best practice to minimize the digital divide by bringing the opportunities from the cities to rural areas, instead of attracting rural population to big cities. This would minimize the resource load on urban population and is certain situations will make the law and order better in Pakistan. In the view of all the above it has been decided by Centre of Information Technology (CIT) to establish Open Rural Incubation Centres (RIC) in coordination with relevant public and private sector organizations. Being the Totally New Concept We need to Train the Master Trainers who could train others to Open RICs in their respective areas. To Give Natural Training Environments to the Trainees, the Training Centre has been Established in a village near Islamabad, called MeraBaghwal where CIT had also established the first E-village of Pakistan in 2009.The Inauguration ceremony of first RIC held on 13-Nov 2018 in MeraBhagwal. Submit your CVs for Country Director on Home - Ai UNO Country Directors - AI UNO List of NGOs - AI UNO Funding & Grant - AI UNO Awards - AI UNO Events - AI UNO Jobs - AI UNO Blogs - AI UNO Int. Conferences - AI UNO Contact Us - AI UNO

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Additional Information

Objectives of RIC

1. To establish a digital hub in a rural area on a sustainable model having access to broadband internet, stabilized power and required tech infrastructure.
2. To economically empower the local community around RIC.
3. To Train and build the capacity of school teachers, farmers, hospitals, paramedical staff to understand and implement latest technology like e-health, e-education, e-agriculture solutions.
4. To take the latest technology for implementation at RIC through industry partners.
5. To build a working model that can be replicated across different cities of Pakistan.
6. To install a sense of leadership in the local community.
7. To calculate an entrepreneurial, spirit amongst the local citizens.
8. To play a part in achieving the objectives of SDG’s.
9. To be the central hub for other sustainable projects in rural areas.
10. To reduce the migration of rural people towards urban employment centres due to lack of jobs in their local areas.

Why we need RIC?

In view of the above points, we need the establishment of RIC’s due to following immediate reasons:
1. Due to low literacy rates especially in villages, they’re not catching up with the opportunities being offered by latest technology and government services based on these technologies.
2. Every donor/ government organization, private sector organizations are facing serious challenges of security, transportation, stay whenever they plan to reach out to the rural communities. There’s no provision for a “last mile access” at the community level. RIC’s aim to provide this last mile.
3. All internet-based telecom services demanding pull and push services require stable electricity, secure working envision and conducive working conditions. Which are not normally available in under sensed areas especially mountains.
4. Government infrastructure like schools, hospitals, rural community offices of government are in dire need of on spot support centres to establish in roads to the missing links.
5. Most incubation centres are based in urban areas, RIC will increase their presence in rural communities as well.
6. To give the local people the freedom to pursue their passion with in their community.
7. To enable them to use their talent for their financial stability.
8. To find an alternative means of earning in comparison with existing incubation centres.

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