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Elementary and Secondary Education Azad Kashmir Govt

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Academy of Education Planning & Management Islamabad in his report EFA Pakistan 2010-11 -Where we stand’ presented the following data about primary school completion rate from 2001 to 2010-11 in AJ&K, which shows that after achieving the set goals in 2001-02 AJK completion rate deteriorated over time.

Education is a vital instrument for setting up a knowledge based economy. Its critical role in human capital formation is well established and widely recognized wherein primary and elementary education is a stepping stone in a foundation for further education in relation to human resource development for better, prosper and peaceful society. GoAJK despite of numerous economic austerities and fiscal hardships is committed to lay down a broad based foundation for educated society and gives top priority to primary/ elementary education in its development initiatives and normal budgetary, which could be preamble in the history of education development in AJK.

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