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Al-Warda Enterprises

Road construction workers perform road construction on earthworks, substructure works and the pavement section of the road. They cover the compacted soil with one or more layers. Road construction workers usually lay a stabilising bed of sand or clay firs

Job Type Seniority Gender Age Salay Range Vacancies
FullTime N/A Male N/A Not Disclosed 208
Application Process:
  • OEP License: 2625/SKT , Al-Warda Enterprises

    OEP Contact: Tanvir Ahmed , Near GPO, Paris Road, Sialkot., Sialkot, Punjab , Sialkot
    Phone No: 0524268241
    Mobile No: 3338610993
    Fax No: 0524268006

  • Last Date to Apply: 8/11/2022
  • Test Date: N/A
  • Test Location: N/A
  • Interview Date:: N/A
  • Interview Location: N/A