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Trans Arabian Travel & Trade

Welders operate welding equipment in order to join metal workpieces together. They can use fusion welding processes based on different techniques and materials. They also perform simple visual inspection of welds.

Job Type Seniority Gender Age Salay Range Vacancies
FullTime N/A Male N/A Not Disclosed 148
  • Location : Saudi Arabia , Vacancies: 148
Application Process:
  • OEP Licence: 0561/RWP , Trans Arabian Travel & Trade

    OEP Contact: Muhammad Zia Qureshi , 23, I&T Centre, St No.30, G-7/1 , Islamabad

    Phone No: 051-2202433

    Fax No: 051-2202436


  • Last Date to Apply: 5/4/2024
  • Test Date: N/A
  • Test Location: N/A
  • Interview Date:: N/A
  • Interview Location: N/A